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Vitro commemorates Earth Month by supporting the campaign for sustainable consumption

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It is supplying Coca-Cola de México, through Grupo Embotellador CIMSA, with one million 100 percent recyclable glass bottles.

They are limited edition bottles as they are being manufactured especially to support the campaign for environmental awareness headed by Wal-Mart de México’s Earth Month in which Coca-Cola is participating.

In the framework of Earth Month, Vitro is supplying Coca-Cola de México with one million limited edition glass bottles, that are 100 percent recyclable, and will be in the marketplace starting April 16 through May 3, 2009 to support Wal-Mart de México’s promotion of consumption of green products throughout all of their stores.

The containers hold 237 ml and present six attractive full body sleeve labels that, as is the case with Vitro’s bottles, are environmentally friendly, as they are totally recyclable.

“Through these bottles our client has joined the environmental awareness campaign led by Wal-Mart de Mexico, together with 18 of its suppliers, and launched to promote the use of sustainable products motivated by “Earth Month”, comments Albert Chico Smith, Vitro Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility Executive.

The bottles are presented in a special box, also made of 100 percent recyclable material, that includes three sunflower seeds for the purchaser to plant along with planting and care instructions.

The manufacturing of the bottles was done by Vidriera Querétaro and was requested by Grupo Embotellador CIMSA (Coordinación Industrial Mexicana S.A de C.V.). The bottles were delivered to Cuernavaca and Toluca for filling and bottling.

“We are proud to be one of the most important suppliers of containers for the Coca-Cola system and, even more, that they have selected glass for this campaign, as it truly is the best option for bottling beverages, as it does not alter flavors, aromas or the properties of its contents”, he assures us.

Chico Smith added that now days the beverage market is quite dynamic and constantly we observe new product launchings and players.

 “For this reason it is highly critical to be able to act swiftly to market needs; in our case we have the capacity to do it, thanks to the diverse competitive advantages we offer our clients, including: excellent response times, a broad range of non contaminating colors and bottle shapes as well as the existence of multiple finishes, among other factors”, he confirms.

Antonio Ocaranza, Director of Corporate Communication for Wal-Mart de México pointed out that “All Wal-Mart stores in the country, together with its suppliers, are carrying out an aggressive environmental awareness campaign in the press, radio and television as part of Earth Month to promote the use of sustainable products showing how the purchase of a green product can help care for the environment without hurting the budget of the consumer”.

On behalf of Coca -Cola, Vivian Alegría. Director of Community Affairs and The Coca-Cola Mexico Foundation emphasized that "this joint effort forms part of the commitment of the entire Beverage Bottling Company to participate in "pro" sustainable development activities for the communities and for the country so as to benefit current and future generations. We are confident that by small actions we can generate major changes in environmental awareness and, therefore, contribute to an optimistic planet with responsible management of our natural resources".

Among the green products that can be found: groceries, cleaning products, electronics, clothing, toys and general merchandise stand out. Information and tips are also being given out over environmental care as well as the sale of bracelets supporting the Pro-Nature organization as well as the promotion of reusable grocery bags.

Earth Month is being carried out by the sponsorship of 18 Wal-Mart de México suppliers: Industrias Alen, Grupo Bimbo, Centennial, Coca-Cola, Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive, GE, Henkel, Kimberly Clark de México, Johnson & Johnson, LG, Mabesa, Mattel, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser y SC Jonson.

Sustainable Development is well cemented at Vitro ever since it was founded in 1909. “We are proud to be able to have the backing of a century of experience; even in times of unprecedented challenges such as we now experience in the world, sustainable development is not only an opportunity but rather a requirement. At Vitro we are ready to continue supplying the best glass in the marketplace to our clients for the next 100 years”, Chico Smith concluded.

Source: Vitro S.A.B. de C.V. Author: shangyi

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