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RSL knocks back $150,000 from Raise a Glass promotion

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  • RSL won't accept $150,000 from Foster's
  • Money from Raise a Glass promotion
  • Say Diggers suffering from alcohol

THE Queensland RSL has knocked back up to $150,000 from a beer promotion.

State president Doug Formby said the decision not to support Foster's Raise a Glass marketing campaign for VB was taken largely because the RSL is dealing with many veterans suffering the results of alcohol consumption.

All other RSL and Legacy state bodies around the country are accepting the donation.

"We find it a little bit difficult to be assisting in the promotion of a product while we're treating people for the result of consuming it," Mr Formby said.

"I don't particularly want the RSL to be seen to be getting out of step with what is rapidly becoming a wider community concern about alcohol."

However Mr Formby stopped short of questioning the brewer's motives.

"Some of my veterans are concerned they chose to launch it over the Anzac Day period," he said.

"But I think the Foster's group are entitled to pursue whatever marketing program they want - I just don't feel comfortable with the iconic status and the badge of the RSL being used to help promote the product."

And despite the attraction of the money involved in the campaign, which runs throughout April and June, he said the decision by the state branch was unanimous.

"Our best guess would be that Queensland RSL might be surrendering about $140,000 to $150,000," he said.

"That's not an insignificant amount of money, but it's a sacrifice we are prepared to make because our members feel very strongly about it here.

"We know that on this particular issue we're out of step with our fellow members in the other states, but it's a pretty mature organisation and can withstand differences of opinion."

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