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Stuart Dean Company Inc. and GlasWeld Launch New Strategic Alliance

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Two pioneers and leaders in their respective industries, share the goal of environmental sustainability to create the largest glass restoration strategic alliance in North America.

Stuart Dean Co, Inc. and GlasWeld today announced that they have created a new strategic alliance to form what will become the largest glass restoration company in North America. A key objective for both companies is to provide a significant and positive impact on the environment by repairing glass and other surfaces, rather than replacing it. This approach to environmental sustainability will benefit and raise environmental consciousness by decreasing the amount of glass in landfills and reducing the cost of replacement glass. GlasWeld and Stuart Dean are committed to the current environmental stewardship required to provide sustainable solutions to raise the bar in making this world a better “environmentally sustainable” place to live… for generations to come.

“We have worked extensively with GlasWeld for a number of years, and adding glass restoration to our menu of metal, stone and wood, maintenance and restoration services allows Stuart Dean to provide our clients with a total solution, which will now include glass restoration.” said Marc DuBay, Director of National Business Development. “Working with GlasWeld and knowing that the majority of the top window, door, and glass manufacturers partner with GlasWeld because of their impeccable reputation in the industry; combined with our numerous years of working together, makes partnering with GlasWeld, an organic extension of our core business services and strategic- visionary approach. Each company has excelled in their own area of expertise, which will ensure existing and new customers will benefit by this newly formed strategic alliance.”

Stuart Deans’ recent joint venture partnership with CSG, will utilize 3rd Generation TI02 technology. PURETi Clear ™, which when applied to clean windows works continuously to eliminate the presence of grime and bio-film build up. Aside from its self-cleaning capabilities, a recent laboratory study of PURETi Clear showed that it can reduce the presence of the harmful greenhouse gas, NOx (nitrous oxide), in the air by almost 71%. Reducing the NOx emissions is one of the 21st century’s most challenging environmental issues and PURETi technology will play a key role in meeting that challenge. It is the only photcatalytic surface treatment in the world that keeps glass free of unsightly organic matter without causing any visual distortion or haziness. This patented water-based UV-PCO technology allows for an easy one step spray application in any environment.” said Marc DuBay. “This technology will revolutionize the way windows are cleaned and maintained by reducing the amount of water, energy, chemicals and labor expanded in the traditional process of cleaning windows, which once applied creates a super- hydrophilic surface, allowing water to sheet away non-organic residue.”

Founded more than 75 years ago, Stuart Dean specializes in the restoration of metal, stone, and wood surfaces and is the largest national provider of these types of restoration services. GlasWeld, an international solutions provider for the glass repair industry, has been a leader in the glass repair field for 25 years. CSG Group has created sustainable solutions for treating and coating glass and other surfaces to fight microbial contamination, minimize damaging air pollutants, destroy odor, and conserve water and energy by reducing cleaning maintenance needs. Marrying the experience and expertise of these three companies promises an alliance that will change the face of glass and surface restoration.

“At CSG we are focused on the continuous development of sustainable and environmentally beneficial surface treatments,” said Craig Andrews, Chief Executive Officer, CSG. “Finding two other companies with similar objectives, who have the expertise, resources and ability to expand surface restoration to a larger audience is good for everyone – and good for the earth.”

All companies have strong environmental objectives and see the launch of this venture as another way to help achieve these goals. When architectural surfaces, such as glass, are discarded most end up in our landfills and are not recycled or recyclable. By repairing and restoring these surfaces, original products are kept in circulation and the need for manufacturing new products is eliminated.

“The recycling of automotive and architectural glass is pretty much non-existent, so most replaced glass ends up filling our landfills,” said Mike Boyle, president of GlasWeld. “The process to produce new glass is extremely energy-hungry – add that to shipping and installation energy usage – and restoration is the only thing that makes sense from a sustainability standpoint. We are looking forward to making a real environmental impact with this new alliance.”

The new strategic alliance is launching this weekend at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. One of the main objectives of the 2009 event is to ensure that it is the “greenest” convention possible, which dovetails well with the environmental goals of the new glass restoration venture.

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