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Market Transaction Speed Slows; Regional Quotations Become Flexible

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(China Glass Network) Analyzing the glass market based on different regions, glass demands from Northern China slow and quotations become flexible with some due lines for cold repairing; deliveries from Southern China stay normal with market confidence dropping; inventories in Eastern China are kept at a lower position and manufacturers plan to raise rates in recent.

Glass spot market in Eastern China inclines to be weak overall. Manufacturing companies focus on pushing deliveries and retrieving payments. Spot quotations are adjusted slightly with market confidence dropping. Recent demands from processing companies decline. Due to high prices in current market, traders and processing companies are less likely to store goods, therefore, most of them are purchasing glass based on their needs. Several manufacturers with less inventories rise 20 yuan up and others are waiting for market reactions for following up. Glass flowing amounts from Shahe to Eastern China increase, while Central China flowing amounts maintain as previous period.

Glass spot market in Southern China tends to be weak with manufacturers pushing deliveries and retrieving payments. Spot quotations also become flexible with average market confidence. In order to push deliveries and improve competitiveness for local glass products, manufacturers lower their prices, which also is an effective method to prevent local market from glass suppliers in nearby regions.

Glass spot market in Northern China is generally staying at a weak position. Deliveries decline compared with last month and market is short of confidence. Due to recent demands decreasing and traders’ delivering speed slowing, market quotations are going to drop around 20 yuan. However, some manufacturers stick to current rates without any falling, even deliveries are descending. The main factors which imped the deliveries are weak demands from end market and cautions attitudes from traders. Beijing Tianjin Hubei region also faces delivering difficulties. Several companies reduce their prices, yet the delivering amounts still drop.  

Delivering situations in Northeastern region stay normal. Quotations are expected to raise for cheering up market, while the actual implements are not ideal. Local demands are almost booked and local companies are looking for nearby market opportunities.

Glass spot market in Northwestern tends to be weak. Manufacturers are focusing on pushing deliveries and retrieving payments. Some enterprises plan to enact winter policies, while some traders would rather not. 

In general, glass spot market stays relatively steady with normal market confidence. Manufacturers want to push deliveries and receive payments. Along with weakening demands from end market, processing companies are projected to get fewer orders, which leads to frustrate the glass purchasing amounts. Moreover, traders take cautious attitudes toward winter policies this year. They prefer to purchase by orders for controlling own inventories. Some of them even employ sales promotions to assure fund utilizing. 

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: Shangyi

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