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Safti First designs a Glass Wall for U.S. border

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The border wall between the U.S. and Mexico has caused much debate in Washington, D.C. leading to a prolonged government shutdown. While there’s some consensus over the need for increased border security among democrats and republicans, the nature of that security and its costs hang in contention. William O’Keeffe, president and CEO for Safti First, says the company has an idea that could soften the concept of an iron veil between the U.S. and Mexico, while also cutting down on overall expenses for construction:

O’Keeffe assures that the company’s idea is a real and viable suggestion. Safti First is a Brisbane, Californian based producer of fire-rated glass and framing products, and the company has designed a glass wall with triangular base that offers numerous advantages over other iterations, while maintaining compatibility with materials such as steel and concrete. Glass would be used wherever aesthetically necessary along the border, such as golf courses and in cities. Instead of looking at a solid barrier, people would be able to look through to see what’s on the other side.

While there are currently no formal requests for statements of qualification from the U.S. government, the company is taking its glass wall design to Washington. The proposal includes 1-inch-thick laminated security glass that is bullet-resistant. A single glass lite would be approximately 14 feet 6 inches tall by 7 feet wide, weighing 1,320 pounds. Each unit has two panels. Glass would also be positioned at 45-degree angles to help deflect projectiles. The triangular base is key, because of its compatibility with other materials. The design can also be easily modified to suit multiple applications.

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