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Glass Quotations Fall And Transactions Slow

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(China Glass Network) The average price of float glass in domestic market reaches to 1,616.85 yuan per ton, which falls 0.68 yuan per ton compared with last week, and increases 0.04 percent compared with last year.

The demand of float glass market in China drops, which many regions slow their transactions and traders also purchase goods based on needs. Demands in Northern China decrease but traders purchasing speed keep normal, leading to inventories dropping. Inventories in Eastern China increase, therefore, manufactures in Zhejiang enact their sales promotions. Delivering speed in Central China retards while inventory stays at a low position. Only a few large-scale manufacturing companies employ sales promotions. Downstream demands in Southern China keep steady, which alleviates pressure for suppliers. 

Capacity of white sheet glass in Sichuan inclines to shrink, while Southwestern manufacturing companies maintain current quotations without any adjustments. Northeastern market along with Northwestern market remain normal transactions for pushing deliveries.

From supplying end, total float glass production lines across China reach to 289 lines, including 235 lines under production. The daily output arrives at 155,620 tons. There are two lines for cold repairing, two lines for upgrading, and no new line launched. The total inventory of key monitoring provinces keeps at 27. 95 million weight boxes, 590,000 weight boxes more than last week, which the growth rate reaches to 2.16 percents.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: Shangyi

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