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Glass bangles in demand

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The cracking sound of glass bangles can attract the attention of any person and its trend never goes out of fashion. Despite their designs will change but glass bangles will remain in fashion. The only thing which will change, is their thickness, and this will change from time to time.

At present there is vast range of bangles available in the market. This attracts every girl and woman. Some women want to wear complete set of bangles and some want to wear only one or two. Red, yellow, blue, green and pink bangles attracts every women. On hearing the cracking sound of bangles women attracts itself. During this marriage season women want have complete their make-up with these bangles. The bride will wear different colours of bangles and her friends will wear bangles of different colours. These bangles enhances the beauty of their hands. These women are still impressed with the magic beauty of these bangles.

The proprietor of Star Bangles Stores at New Market Mohd Wahid informed that demand of brass bangles with kundan work is in great demand. The cost of these bangles will depend on the work on them. We keep vast range of glass, brass, metal, imitation and fency bangles in our collection. We have bangles from Rs 6 to Rs 800 per dozon of range. The majority of our customers are girls and they like fency items. The married women like colourful glass bangles.

Cost of bangles:
Lakh bangles - Rs 25 to Rs 60 (depending of the design)
Sparkle bangles - Rs 20 per dozon
Imitation - Ranging from Rs 50
Designed bangles - Ranging Rs 100
Bangles of bride - Rs 200 to Rs 250.
Mixed bangles - ranging from Rs 25.

Source: Centralchronicle.comAuthor: shangyi

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