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What are the main projects of Baisheng Glass Furnace?

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Nanjing Baisheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006. It is a professional company specializing in glass engineering design, glass kiln construction and glass production technical services. The company mainly serves glass factory design, glass engineering installation and construction, ignition kiln, contracted production and related technical training, technical services of small and medium flat glass and ceramic frit production line. The registered capital of the company is 1.1 million yuan. At present, there are 25 professional engineers and technicians, including 12 middle and senior technical titles and 7 middle and senior technicians. The company has not only glass engineering design, professional kiln construction, but also professional production technology management and glass production for many years related to the main positions of professional technicians.

The company's professional technicians put particular emphasis on the design and production technology of Pingla (grid process) glass, calendered glass and photovoltaic calendered glass production line. They have carried out bold innovative transformation from 60t/d to 300t/d, from horse tellurium flame and cross flame kiln, and completed related projects, which have been affirmed by users.

The company has unique technical advantages and proprietary technology in the design of water glass kiln and ceramic frit kiln. The related projects completed have been fully affirmed in domestic listed companies and foreign projects, and at the same time create value for users.

In recent years, aiming at the current situation of domestic medium and small flat glass enterprises and the adjustment of relevant national industrial policies, the company has carried out upgrading and transformation of flat glass production line. Emphasis is placed on the utilization of alternative energy sources (petroleum coke system) and the improvement of photovoltaic calendered glass.

The company has made bold innovations on the status quo of the ceramic frit industry for many years, such as backward technology, short service life of kilns, low energy consumption and low productivity. In particular, the structure of inlet and outlet ports, absorption of advanced daily glass kiln technology, through innovation and transformation, the service life and productivity of kilns have been improved. Unit energy consumption has been increased.

In view of the structure of water glass kiln outlet and the problems of high labor intensity and short service life caused by replacement of outlet brick, the company carries out technical transformation. It absorbs the structural characteristics and advantages of the outlet brick in the frit industry and increases the structure of mobile small furnace. It not only solves the difficult problem that the liquid level of water glass kiln can not be controlled, but also stabilizes the production capacity. The replacement of outlet brick can not only reduce the loss of shutdown production, but also increase the structure of movable small furnace. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of replacement.

The company's proprietary technology: the overall lifting/descending technology of the kiln, the reformation technology of the regenerator and the nozzle of the petroleum coke kiln by burning the producer gas kiln, and the reformation technology of the regenerator and the nozzle of the petroleum coke kiln. The reformation has been carried out successfully on two medium-sized kilns in China. The cost of the overhaul and reformation of the kiln has been

The company has maintained long-term cooperative relations with domestic glass professional colleges and institutes of glass design and research. It ensures the understanding and technical support of the latest international technology in the glass industry.

The company's business is not only based at home, but also going abroad to the world. The company aims at "science and technology, innovation and service" to create value for customers.

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