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Why can Baisheng Glass hold the market steadily?

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Glass bottles, as packaging materials, are mainly used in food, oil, alcohol, beverages, condiments, cosmetics and liquid chemical products, etc. They are widely used. The recycling of glass bottles can reduce production costs, and with the impact of the milk bottle incident, the glass bottle market is bright. Nanjing Baisheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a large glass manufacturer in Nanjing. It mainly uses high-end glass kiln construction technology to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

After years of development, glass kiln design process is advanced, strong technical force, the existing glass kiln 8, 32 production lines, 16 engineers, can produce various types of glass bottles, glass products. It is understood that Baisheng glass with its three major advantages has become a good person in the industry.

1. Excellent quality and good reputation

Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "science and technology, innovation and service", Baisheng Glass is manufactured strictly according to the National Light Industry Ministry and enterprise standards, and managed according to ISO9002 quality management system. Its product quality is strictly controlled, layer by layer, and its quality is guaranteed. Its high-quality products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad. Some products are even exported to Japan, the United States, Russia and Canada. Canada, Australia and other countries. The company's business is not only based at home, but also going abroad to the world.

2. Variety, complete set

The main products of Baisheng glass include glass bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, pickles bottles, canned bottles, beverage bottles, honey bottles, infusion bottles, coffee bottles, health bottles, bottles, glasses, glassware, glass candlesticks and so on more than 80 series of more than 900 varieties. In addition, Baisheng Glass has its own bottle cap factory, mold factory, carton factory supporting enterprises, can complete the production and packaging of a series of products, and can customize high-quality, high-standard molds for customers in the shortest time, 7-15 days to develop new products.

3. Good service and image

"Seeking development with sincerity, service quality is more important than Mount Taishan; Seeking survival with development, customer satisfaction is higher than everything" is Baisheng Glass's business philosophy. Transportation facilities, highways, railways, waterways, which provide favorable conditions for the formation of a mature logistics mode, according to customer requirements for consignment, automobile, train skin, containers, water, air transport and so on. In view of the current situation of domestic small and medium-sized flat glass enterprises and the adjustment of relevant national industrial policies, the company upgraded the production line of flat glass. Emphasis is placed on the utilization of alternative energy sources (petroleum coke system) and the improvement of photovoltaic calendered glass. At the same time, Baisheng Glass chooses to cooperate with China Glass Network to informationalize its products and services and create the best corporate image through the professional information resources platform of China Glass Network.

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