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Gerresheimer displays glass highlights for the cosmetics market

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On the brilliant floor of the New York Metropolitan Pavilion, marketing trends in the international cosmetics scene are now again reflected: on May 20 and 21, 2009, Luxe Pack is being held. A visit to the Gerresheimer Group (Booth A9) will reveal a lineup of the latest glass design highlights for both the prestige sector and the mass market. The presentation emphasizes that, with its unparalleled repertory of shaping, coloring and finishing techniques, the Group ranks without doubt among the most versatile partners industry in the world for the perfumery and cosmetics industry.

The fascination of unique flacons and pots is a consistently nurtured specialism in the portfolio of the company which otherwise concentrates mainly on a high-caliber glass and plastic range for pharmaceutics & life sciences. Like the Group as a whole its cosmetics sector has globalized and developed more and more strongly over recent years: no longer just in Europe but also in America and China, specific production plants work for the markets of beauty. And in addition to glass, this part of the Gerresheimer plant network now has its own substantial plastic range. “We are indeed perfectly oriented towards all requirement areas today across the board in the field of fragrances and personal care,” says Burkhard Lingenberg, Director of Marketing and Communication for the Gerresheimer Group.

At the trendsetting exhibition in Manhattan, glass of course sparkles exclusively and alluringly in the Gerresheimer showcases: an ideal material for individual market getups and also a ‘strong room’ for sensitive ingredients, as Lingenberg notes. An outstanding collection of innovations from all round the world awaits the specialist public – providing multifaceted marketing impulses and delightful new design effects.

For ‘Dancing Lady’ from Oriflame, Gerresheimer has for example transformed transparent glass into an illusion of fragrantly swirling movement whose temperament is derived from ingeniously designed apparently multilayered spherical shapes combined with a delicately placed hint of white. An interesting contrast is provided by ‘Mexx Black’ (P&G Prestige Beauté) – although with this flacon duo as well clear glass is combined with a degradee spray effect.

Here straight edges and flat surfaces produce a calm rectangular shape while a gradation starting in deep black and moving to radiant color highlights generate excitement and dynamism in contrast to this calm.

Even more fantastic effects are achieved elsewhere. Sheyda, for example, from the Paris perfumery house Yves de Sistelle invites us to dream with a fairytale interplay of color and shape: for the three fragrance variants Gerresheimer has designed glass walls in transparent rosé, blue and violet whose bulb-like shape with endlessly changing iridescent light reflections is reminiscent of a thousand and one nights. For Absolue Nuit from Lancôme, to quote one particularly successful example from the skincare sector, glass gleams like pure gold. The immaculately shaped pipette mini-flacons for the precious concentrate are coated all round in metallic high gloss: the result achieves both aesthetic appeal and a strong quality image.

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