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Recovered Glass Production Lines Increase Creating Market Pressure

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(China Glass Network) Recovered glass production lines increase a lot in this month. At this moment, there are several lines confirmed their launching time at end of this month including 500 tons of Yunnan Yuxiang, 600 tons of Shahe Dejin, 700 tons of Hebei Run’an, 600 tons of Shanxi Lihu and 900 tons of Jingzhou Yijun. There is only one line, 900 tons of Jiangmen Xinyi, which is probably scheduled to stop and have a cold-repairing at end of this month.

With supplying side continuing to expand, glass spot quotations are suffering big pressure. Analyzing from current overall inventory, glass deliveries ration starts to enhance, while the total inventory ration remains at a high level. Glass manufacturers are facing capital pressure. With upcoming rainy season in Southern China and farming season in Northern China, glass consuming amounts are influenced.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: Shangyi

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