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Curbing sale of fake products in re-used glass containers

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Glass container manufacturers take initiative re-use results in huge loss of revenue

NEW DELHI: Seeking to curb sales of spurious products that are packaged in re-used glass containers and bottles, glass manufacturers are mooting the introduction of ‘identification marks’ on bottles to signify the time of their production.

“If the bottles are produced much before the manufacturing date of the food or pharmaceutical products sold in them, then such products may be fake or spurious,” All India Glass Manufacturers’ Federation (AIGMF) President S. C. Vishwakarma said. The glass container manufacturers are taking the initiative under the aegis of the federation.

Creating awareness

Food and pharma manufacturers were tempted to use old glass bottles as they were cheaper than the new ones, he said. However, these manufacturers do not pass on these savings to consumers.

He said the federation would rope in NGOs and would involve school students and colleges to create awareness about this. Due to the rampant and unchecked reuse of glass containers in the pharmaceutical drugs and food products industries, AIGMF has decided to implement their traceability initiative from July 9.

Glass reuse results in a huge loss of revenue to the government and many prevailing health hazards which can have far reaching implications on the health of the consumers.


“The soft drink and alcohol industry have an elaborate, scientific and mechanised system for washing the bottles to completely sanitise the bottles. But the second-hand bottles used for food, pharmaceutical, I.V. fluids and injectables are washed by intermediaries and are very unhygienic and done in a highly polluted environment. These bottles are never free from bacterial formations and others,” said Manohar Lal, Secretary of the federation.


Mr. Vishwakarma said the federation had recommended that the only way to stop these illegal and harmful practices was to create and enforce a policy of “Marking for Traceability” so as to stop this unlawful and unhygienic re-usage of glass containers. Traceability in packaging is a worldwide phenomenon, which is generally used to identify specific lot of product or recalled.

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