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Dynon Intro's New Glass Panels For Experimental Aircraft

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For only $1600, Dynon tells ANN that homebuilders can now install modern avionics at steam gauge prices.

Dynon Avionics has released two new EFIS products. The EFIS-D6 (shown above and directly below) and EFIS-D60 offer modern glass panel avionics at the low cost of only $1600 and $1900.

Dynon's new offerings are more affordable versions of its best-selling primary flight displays and are designed for pilots that want to save panel weight, space, and installation time compared to a conventional six-pack. At only $1600, the EFIS-D6 costs less than the traditional gauges it replaces.

The EFIS-D6 and EFIS-D60 (shown directly above and below) are basic versions of the 4" EFIS-D10A and 7" EFIS-D100. The primary functions duplicate a traditional six-pack: airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn coordinator, gyro stabilized heading (DG), and vertical speed, while also adding a voltmeter and altitude encoder. Angle of Attack (AoA) and a battery backup may be added as options. Both products include a remote compass, and the D60 includes Dynon's high brightness screen.

Dynon allows customers to upgrade the D6 to a D10A or a D60 to a D100 at any time. After the upgrade, the customer will have access to the full feature set of the Dynon EFIS products, including a full HSI and glideslope with connectivity to GPS and NAV radios, autopilot, networking between Dynon EFIS and EMS products, heading and altitude bugs, checklists, data logging, clock, timers, OAT and GPS derived data, and altitude alerts

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