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Milestones to better understand the Flat Glass Business

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Course Summary

The seminar will provide basic knowledge, for new comers into flat glass business and will provide for connoisseurs an opportunity to challenge their paradigms.

The seminar will be an event where will be set up the synthesis between history of flat glass industry, history of flat glass products and today worldwide market with cross-enterprise and cross-culture perspectives to better understand our global business.

Bullet Point Summary

  • Glass as a 5000 years old material
  • Float glass, 40 years of major changes in Europe and key players of the global flat glass business
  • A window through 100 years of automobile glazing
  • Coatings on glass (including mirrors), key companions of glass body
  • IG units (yesterday, today and tomorow)
  • Two key safety glass products: laminated and tempered glass, from amusement to necessity
  • Patents, a knowledge sourcing
  • Some challenges for Europe and global flat glass industry

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Source: GPD 2009Author: shangyi

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