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Challenge regarding the workflow in glass decoration

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Course Summary

Today’s requirements in the automotive as well as the architectural glass decoration industry are ever more demanding. To be in a position to meet and exceed these challenges, the level of knowledge of the responsible workforce, enabling them to give the correct directions not only regarding the production process but also guiding research and development and the production infrastructure, is absolutely essential, as this is the only way forward to guarantee success.

As the entire processes become more complex and the various process steps are more closely linked, interdepartmental teamwork is absolutely key.
During this one day workshop the entire workflow will be analyzed, and key parameters that influence the end quality of the decorated glass will be highlighted.

Participants will also be offered the opportunity to gather knowledge from representatives of key suppliers to the industry who will explain how to use the various products in the most, cost, effective way. Also this workshop will highlight all process related parameters.
Besides this the participants will be given detailed information about the manufacturing of the process related materials such as screen-printing fabric, glass enamels as well as conductive pastes, and the influence of this on the final product.

Emphasis will also be on the necessity of the standardization of an optimal laid-out workflow, which can guarantee a process controlled, reproducible, and cost effective process, that in case of troubleshooting can reduce downtime to an absolute minimum.

Participating in this workshop will increase the knowledge and understanding of the parameters that play a key role in the difference between being successful and cost effective, or not. Of course this is something, which, in today’s business environment, is more important than ever before.


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