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UFO and UBLO, two innovative façade components

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UBLO Inc. was established in 2018 by Naree Kim and Robert-Jan van Santen, founder of VS-A façade consulting offices in both Europe and Asia. They present UFO and UBLO, 2 innovative façade components, the results from 2 years of R&D. UFO is a frameless joint window system named after the equation Uf=0, which refers to zero U-value for the frame. UBLO is a cap for glazed façade to block up a hole, making it a simple and safe customizable window.

UBLO installed on the perforated IGU (Insulated Glass Unit)

Even in the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution, current conventional window and related technology is still not so much different from the past. Conventional window frames cause heat loss, obstruct the view and are expensive. UBLO and UFO provide solutions, minimizing energy loss, providing clearer views and can significantly reducing costs.

UBLO provides natural ventilation that works best when there are at least 2 units installed per room: one for air-intake, the other for air outlet. To satisfy various users’ needs and preferences, installation location of UBLOs in a big window can be decided almost without any constraints. There is no bulky hardware involved, and it’s an extremely robust window that is impossible to fall outside while in the same time also providing safety features to prevent intruders. A set of air-filters are included to protect from outside insects and micro-particles, directly enhancing the internal air quality. UBLO can easily be operated by an intuitive rotating action. When opened, the UBLO cover can be safely hooked on the frame.

UBLOs application on a traditional window frame

UBLO pioneers as the first customizable window. Unlike other window systems, UBLO interior appearance can be replaced by the user according to personal aesthetic and functional preference. Plants can grow in it; LED lights, loud-speakers or other gadgets can be integrated into it. It can even be designed into a small aquarium or a piggy bank. UBLO covers can be 3D printed in any fab-lab, or selected from the UBLO catalogue, which also includes wood and metal finishes.

UFO and UBLO systems are possibly a real step-change for the industry. The glass processor can be contracted directly by the client or the general contractor, which in turn will manufacture the glass and install it directly on site. Window frame manufacturers and façade contractors are not involved in this process. The process of cutting circular holes in the glass requires already well known technologies like water jet cut, laser cut or simply by using a glass drill.

UBLO’s pre-commercialization started in early 2019 with 50 UBLOs to be installed in Seoul, South Korea. All fixture installations on a building have to comply with each local regulations, local climate and local culture. Both UBLO and UFO are versatile products that can suit different building types such as residential, office, hospital, kindergarten, restaurants, hotels and others. As such, many people from all walks of life can benefit from this new window system.

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