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Do you know what kind of glass your car has?

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KEARNEY, Neb. — Knowing what glass is on the windows of your car, could be a difference maker.

According to Glass Doctor Sales Representative Randy Burchell, there are two common glass types found on vehicles, tempered and laminated. Tempered glass is a piece of glass that has gone through a furnace. Laminated glass is two pieces of glass with a piece of laminate in between the two.

To determine what type of glass you have on your car, you can roll your window down and look at the edge. If it looks solid all the way through, it's tempered glass, but if it looks like a really thin sandwich, it's laminate. Laminate will also be thicker.

If you still can't tell, you can look for the "bug" or logo and if it has L-A-M-I it's laminate or T-E-M-P it's tempered.

Now, not all vehicles are made the same.

"You know, you can have your front two door glasses laminated and the back a quarter glass or something that could be tempered. I don't know why they do that but I suppose because they think that but the door glass is where most people try to break in.., On your common vehicle, the windshield is always laminated and most generally all your door glasses and back glasses are tempered," said Glass Doctor Sales Representative Randy Burchell.

Laminated versus tempered glass. Do you know the difference?

The difference could be a matter of life or death.

In these videos provided by AAA that are in the attached video, you will be able to see the difference between laminated and tempered glass and why knowing that is important to your safety.

"Here at AAA, we are shattering the misconception that all windows are created equal. You want to make sure you know what type of window you have because if you have laminate up front, you can literally pound on this thing in an emergency and you won't get out to safety," said AAA Spokesperson Mark Jenkins.

AAA demonstrated how to break tempered glass with a spring–loaded tool (see attached video).

Next they attempted to break laminated glass with the same tool (see attached video).

Not even several swings with a hammer can break the glass (see attached video).

Lieutenant of Water Operations Brandon Allen shared what you should do if you and your car go into a body of water.

"The first thing they want to do is they don't want to panic. You want to try and remain calm, even though they are in a stressful situation. A lot of times people will try to roll down their window, but because of the electrical system and water, them not mixing. You may not be able to roll down that window," said Lieutenant of Water Operations Brandon Allen.

Allen said it's important to have some kind of window breaking tool that can be found at an online retailer or stores. The best place to store it is somewhere that you can reach them. He recommends on a key chain.

"Once you break out that window, water is going to start coming in, but that force of the water is not going to be enough to keep you in the car. You will still be able to get out that window of your car," said Allen.

Allen cautioned the laminated windows will be more difficult to break down.

"I'm not saying that you're not going to be able to get out of your car but it's definitely going to increase the amount of time it's going to take you to get out of your vehicle," said Allen.

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