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Decorating with glass tile: an interview with interior designer Eli Mechlovitz

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Brooklyn-based interior designer Eli Mechlovitz, president and founder of GlassTileStore.com, has been in the tile and home design business his entire life. His business, GlassTileStore.com, showcases over 300 stylish and high-end glass tiles and mosaic designs at wholesale prices. A nationally publicized designer, Mechlovitz also provides design consultation for consumers looking to remodel their kitchens, baths and pools.

This past week, The Design Guy had a chance to sit down with the New York City designer and artist-turned-entrepreneur.

Design Guy: Your business specializes specifically in glass tiles and mosaics. Why such a limited concentration?

Eli Mechlovitz: Reaching the average consumer is important to me and because glass tiles and mosaics are both high-end and affordable, they allow me to do that. When you combine the light-reflecting ability of glass tiles with their powerful color and artsy nature, they have the capability to transform the look of any room. They are affordable because homeowners only need to install a relatively small amount to make a difference in their decor.

Design Guy: How affordable are we talking?

Eli Mechlovitz: Let’s say a homeowner wants to overhaul their kitchen. A complete renovation can cost upwards of $30,000. Most consumers, especially in this economic climate, cannot afford to do so. The best alternative is to install a backsplash or accent of stylish and eclectic glass tiles. This can be done for under $1,000. The luxurious nature of the tiles will create a whole new look for a fraction of the price. The typical backsplash is approximately 30 square feet in length which puts product cost around $500.

Design Guy: Any special tips to help our readers save on their purchase?

Eli Mechlovitz: Absolutely. The key to saving on home renovations is to shop online for discounts. This is especially true with glass tiles. Typically, glass tiles and mosaics can cost around $40 to $100 per square foot at most retail locations. GlassTileStore.com sells the same quality and stylish products for just $12 to $25 a square foot, saving consumers upwards of 50 percent.

Design Guy: That is incredible! In terms of actual product, what designs are the hottest right now?

Eli Mechlovitz: Currently, the most popular trend among consumers and designers is to install fusion glass tiles – which are a mix of glass, stone and metal, among other items. The mixing of elements gives rooms a sophisticated, yet natural, feel. Also, consumers have been moving away from subway tiles and towards tiles designed with more unique shapes and sizes like circles, sticks and diamonds.


Design Guy: Where do you recommend homeowners install glass tiles? Are they just for the kitchen?

Eli Mechlovitz: Kitchens are the most popular installation. However, one of the great characteristics of glass tiles are their comprehensive nature. They can be installed just about anywhere. In addition to kitchens, glass tiles and mosaics make for a great accent in pools and bathrooms. Homeowners who want to get creative can also install them on countertops, mantles, and bars. The design possibilities are endless.

Design Guy: But still, the kitchen is the the most common application?

Eli Mechlovitz: It sure is the most popular. To me, a kitchen is a blank canvas. The cabinets are the frame and the backsplash is the painting. It just works so well stylistically. Additionally, they are easy to maintain. It is like having a window above your stove – you can clean it with Windex and a sponge.




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