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How to decorate with glass

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MANILA, Philippines – Touted as the new art, glassware can bring elegance and life to any room when arranged properly. Whether it is clear, displaying its ability to manipulate light, or brilliant in color, suffused with interesting shapes, glass becomes a dazzling accent, aside from being functional. From goblets to centerpieces, there is a wide assortment of glassware that can give any space a distinctive style.

A popular collectible art, glassware was done at the turn of the 20th century, around the Art Nouveau era. In the Philippines, carnival glass is demanded by collectors today. Fashion-forward homeowners prefer modern artisan blown glass items.

There are glassware pieces known for their gradations of color that shift from bright red to amber, called the abmerina, or the coral glass which lightens from red to yellow.

Milk glass, also known as opal glass for its porcelain and lava glass, blends well with a retro-inspired home. There's the etched glass on which there are designs, threaded glass which has strands of color, and the ubiquitous crystals which are status symbols in homes.

Colored glassware enlivens simple or minimalist interiors. Smoky pieces of the '70s and the bold '60s pieces have made a strong impact for their flamboyance.


There are many ways to present glass as distinct decor:

Art glass comes in various forms: wine glasses, vases, bowls, candy dishes, pitchers, plates, decanters and cups and tumblers.

Arranging a set of glass in a single style makes a definite statement.

When using various types of glass for an eclectic look, arrange pieces by color, shape, pattern and texture.

Art glass can be displayed throughout the house in many ways. Aside from being displayed in the cabinet of a kitchen or dining room, it can be presented on shelves and tables.

The colors of a swirled glass vase can be a take-off point for the choice of flowers.

A bright-colored candy bowl, filled with colorful confections, can become a charming element for the living room.

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