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Lauren International Makes Significant Investments in Edgetech I.G. and LMI Custom Mixing

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Cambridge, Ohio – June 2, 2009 – Despite the down economy, Lauren International, parent company to Edgetech I.G. and LMI Custom Mixing, has made significant investments in equipment, information technology and processes over the past two years. As a result, in April, Edgetech achieved record-breaking sales.

“Continuous improvement initiatives have always been the backbone of Edgetech’s success,” said Mike Hovan, President, Edgetech I.G. “At a time when many companies have cut back and allowed customer service to suffer, we have continued to make investments that enhance the customer experience by improving efficiency and product quality.”

Hovan credits the sales surge, in part, to the passing of the Stimulus Bill, which created a demand for high-performance products that contribute to energy savings, such as Super Spacer®. He also credits Lauren International’s investment in LMI Custom Mixing.

“LMI is the premier, state-of-the-art mixing facility in the entire world,” Hovan said. “It would be virtually impossible to duplicate the quality of EPDM rubber from LMI, which is used in a large portion of our Super Spacer products. Customers can be confident in the quality, consistency and durability of our products because of these investments and LMI’s earned reputation as a world leader in polymer technology.”

In 2007, Lauren International installed a $4.5 million, world-class polymer mixing system that more than doubled the company’s production capacity. A year later, the company invested an additional $1.2 million in upgrading LMI’s original mixing line and system control software to improve production efficiencies and repeatability of batch quality.

“These investments have enhanced our mixing capabilities, allowing us to service our customers better now and in the future as we continue to grow,” said Jim Nixon, General Manager for LMI Custom Mixing. “Our capabilities extend well beyond what’s available in the custom mixing market today, and we are using that to Edgetech’s advantage as the company continues to raise the bar for product quality in the fenestration industry.”

Lauren International has also infused capital into Edgetech’s processes, implementing a new information technology infrastructure that enables optimal operational control, including production efficiency and highly repeatable quality for all Super Spacer product lines. This IT infrastructure was implemented worldwide and includes Edgetech’s production facility in the UK, which has also been expanded to meet increasing demand for Super Spacer in European markets.

“We are in the process of adding a second production line in the UK to double our production capacity there,” Hovan said. “So far in 2009, our sales in continental Europe are up 30 percent and the new production line will help us fill orders expediently as demand for high-performance products continues to increase with the ongoing global push for energy efficient fenestration products.”

Edgetech has also experienced improved sales in emerging markets, such as the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the demand for energy-saving products, Hovan added that Edgetech’s global sales boost can be attributed to the more than 30 automated production lines the company has sold over the past 18 months.

“All of these automated production lines are up-and-running smoothly,” he said. “Manufacturers are enjoying greater efficiencies and have ramped up production, creating a stronger demand for Super Spacer. We anticipate greater sales growth over the next three years as the North American markets turn around, and we are already looking to the future, making plans for investments that will keep our customers ahead of the game.”

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About Edgetech I.G. Inc.111 Celebrating more than 20 years of success!1111 Edgetech I.G. Inc., a Lauren International Company, is a global leader in the fenestration industry producing Super Spacer® – the world’s only TrueWARM®, all-foam edge seal product line that provides maximum condensation resistance, durability and energy performance. Through Edgetech’s value promise – We’re there for you at every turn! 360® – the company goes beyond the manufacture of Super Spacer to offer a comprehensive portfolio of value-added products and services for the window, door and glass industries. Edgetech also assures product quality to the highest standards as an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom plus a distribution division in Germany, Edgetech’s proven technology is improving the performance and energy efficiency of insulating glass systems worldwide. In business since 1989, Edgetech is a fully-owned subsidiary of Lauren International, Inc., a global multi-divisional company serving a variety of industries. Visit

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About LMI Custom Mixing

A joint venture between Lauren International and Meteor Gummiwerke of Germany, LMI Custom Mixing puts the finest quality polymers at the fingertips of all Lauren International subsidiaries. LMI Mixing strives to stay at the forefront of the polymer industry, persistently developing compounds that replace old methods and help move industries in new directions. As a vertically integrated source, LMI provides all Lauren International subsidiaries with the custom compound polymers they need to engineer the best parts for customers. Contact LMI at 740-435-0444, fax 740-435-0909, URL:

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