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Eurotech ‘Nemo’ handheld sucker: a revolution on the market

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Eurotech implements standardised and customised handling and transport solutions in the field of vacuum technology.

The mobile, electric, handheld ‘Nemo’ vacuum device can attach itself to almost all surfaces. It achieves a holding force of up to 170 kg, allowing to move and securely place down the material. The installed vacuum meter with a red/green area is used for monitoring. A vacuum pump integrated into the handle creates the required negative pressure. This features an economy circuit. Once the pump reaches the safe negative pressure, it is switched off. If the vacuum in the suction device drops, the pump automatically switches on again.

The ‘Nemo’ handheld sucker is a pioneering system for lifting and transporting flat items. It can lift virtually all surfaces, from smooth to structured, and is the perfect tool for a wide variety of profession.

From construction to warehousing, from service to the factory: wherever heavy lifting is the order of the day, this powerful tool minimises the risk of damaging expensive material, maximises productivity and reduces the physical workload involved.

Source: www.glassonline.comAuthor: shangyi

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