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Clear as glass

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As an Agency ‘near-Franchise’, Diamond Fusion could be based anywhere in the country. However as Niki Morrison pointed out, the North Shore suits everything they do so well, and her native Invercargill is simply too cold!

Niki and husband Paul started Jeevez, a bathroom renovation business, on the North Shore in 2002 and as a result became acquainted with the American product Diamond Fusion. “It was formulated for the high-rise industry,” Niki explained to Northern Focus.

“About 25 years ago the frustrations, not to mention expense, of keeping glass clean at altitude gave birth to the product which ‘seals’ the surface of glass, which is of course microscopically porous. The problem is that glass absorbs ‘micro-bits’ of grub, and unless scrubbed regularly simply deteriorates in look and feel. This is particularly prevalent in showers, and the number one question we faced when doing renovations was- how do I keep my shower clean?”

The result of that question is a thriving network of agents building highly profitable businesses throughout the North Island. “We have been surprised,” Niki admitted, “but Diamond Fusion is more than holding its own in this economic climate. I think the answer is that keeping glass clean is a huge frustration for every demographic. People want more time to play, and would rather spend less time stressing about cleaning!”

Diamond Fusion is a chemical formulation that is applied to glass in a mist. The process is incredibly simple and the average shower unit can be done inside 90 minutes. Effectively, it seals the surface of the glass (which under a microscope looks like a map of the moon, according to Niki) and reduces the absorption of minerals and grime. This leaves the surface much smoother and resistant to weather or water attacks.

“Some people think of it as a ‘no-clean’ treatment. However, it isn’t, it is an-easy-clean process! It also preserves the quality of the glass and considerably hardens it against scratches, which is a big bonus. Any silica based surface can be treated – tiles etc, and agents are continually ‘up-selling’ particularly in coastal areas with big picture windows prone to salt storms.”

Niki and Paul took out the licence agreement for Diamond Fusion in 2004. “We could have grown very much faster,” Niki said, “but we were quite determined to get it right. We took it slowly, sought advice when we needed it, tried to learn from our mistakes. The end result is we have on board a great group of agents who think like us, and put integrity at the top of their qualities. We might take a wee bit longer to cover the country as a result of being fussy, but we’d like to do it once only.”

“I think we have come a long way in business,” Niki continued. “We started our renovation business from absolutely nothing, and Diamond Fusion was a lot easier as we had the experience and knew what advertising worked by then. In fact after six months we thought we were failing badly, but we phoned Gordon Wilde from Clearlite, who had introduced us to the product, and after a two hour meeting with him we realised we were only doing one thing wrong. We hadn’t written any of it down! It was a huge turn-around as Gordon was able to shift our perception quickly and completely. We realised that we were actually achieving things at a fantastic rate. We have kept it all simple, and in fact if I’m ever Prime-Minister I shall apply the KISS formula, as in ‘keep it simple, stupid’ to every Government department!”

Source: http://www.btob.co.nzAuthor: shangyi

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