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Acquisition of Interlayer Film Raw Materials Business from U.S. Corporation

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Following a resolution adopted today by the Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (President: Naofumi Negishi, hereinafter Sekisui Chemical) Board of Directors, Sekisui Chemical will establish new subsidiaries through which it will acquire the polyvinyl alcohol resi

1. Background and Purpose of Acquisition

Manufacturing interlayer films for the laminated glass in automobiles (hereinafter, interlayer film) is a core strategic business of Sekisui Chemical’s High Performance Plastics Company (President: Takayoshi Matsunaga) that is expanding on a global scale. Sekisui Chemical is presently the world’s number one supplier of interlayer films for the automobile industry with 42% of market share, globally (based on company estimates for 2008).

Interlayer films are produced from polyvinyl butyral resin (hereinafter PVB resin). The acquisition of the business of PVOH resin raw materials used to produce PVB resin enables Sekisui Chemical to secure a stable supply of raw material, enhance its local production capabilities, develop technological synergies for raw materials and strengthen supply chain.

Interlayer film supply chain

Acetic Acid→Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)→PVOH Resin→PVB Resin→Interlayer Film for Laminated Glass

2. Outline of acquisition

1.) Acquiring company (Sekisui Chemical’s subsidiaries):

To be established in U.S. and Spain in May, 2009 (Scheduled), in order to acquire the PVOH resin business from Celanese Corporation.

Source: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Author: shangyi

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