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Absolut launches limited edition bottle made from recycled glass

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Absolut has launched a limited-edition vodka made from 41 percent recycled glass.

The new bottle, called Absolut Recycled, is part of the company’s drive toward sustainability.

In a statement, the company said the new product is part of its ongoing brand platform, ‘Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight’.

Henrik Ellstrom, Absolut’s Director of Strategy and Innovation, said it’s hoped the product will inspire people to produce less waste.

“Absolut has been committed to sustainable production methods for many years and we are excited to be celebrating this and specifically our recycling efforts in the form of a bottle launch for the very first time.”

“We believe that a glass bottle must have a second life; Absolut Recycled is a pure manifestation of this belief. We hope that our new limited edition bottle campaign will inspire more people to use creativity in order to waste less,” he said.

Tina Robertsson, lead for sustainable performance at Absolut, said: “We know that the Earth has a finite amount of resources and that we all need to take more responsibility for how we act in our daily lives and the choices we make.

“We, at Absolut, are determined to do our part from seed to sip. We also want to continue to enlighten our consumers about what we do and how they can have less impact on our precious environment.

“Here at Absolut, we are proud of our “One Source” production philosophy and we strive to achieve a more circular way of production, which also means that waste is seen as a resource and part of a continuous cycle.

“We recycle and reuse as much as possible and we believe that with a little creativity we can all drive positive change and find the power and beauty in waste, ultimately reducing the neative impact that we have on our planet and creating a better tomorrow for generations to come,” she said.

Absolut Recycles is now available across 8o countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, exclusively at Massy Stores locations.

For more information visit www.absolut.com/comeback and www.absolut.com/recyclinghero.  

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