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The Glass Museum celebrates International Day for Museums

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In conjunction with “Museums: a permanent festivity”, an event organized by the Nuevo León State Museum association to commemorate the International Day of these cultural centers, The Glass Museum held, from May 13 through May 17, a paint workshop with the theme: “Recycling”.

For this event, held at no cost, the museum brought into its installations a glass world handcrafted from pieces of glass (cullets) that was covered with black colored pieces of tissue paper that represented the contamination on the planet.

“For the participants, whose ages ranged from 5 to 10 years, each was asked to pull off a piece of paper in a symbolic gesture to help free the planet from contamination”, comments Alejandro Gebara, Glass Museum Head.

He adds that later the children placed the piece of paper inside a glass bottle, a material that symbolizes the possibility of caring and protecting the environment through recycling.

All of the children then had the opportunity to paint the bottle with their favorite colors and take it home as a souvenir. At the end, when all of the participants had removed the pieces of paper, the world was free of contamination

“The objective of this exercise is to sensitize the children to the fact that the sum of small forces makes it possible to attain great achievements”, Gebara assures us.

The interactive activity also sought to create in these future adults an environmental awareness by observing that glass is a 100 per cent recyclable material which makes it very friendly to the environment.

“We are very proud to join forces with other museums from the area as well as receiving support from the University of Monterrey student body and the Autonomous University of Nuevo León to promote culture and stimulate artistic creativity in the community”, concludes Gebara.

The Glass Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday and among its diverse activities it offers a tour for public and private school students for the purpose of explaining the history of glass. On Sundays the entry is free to the public.

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