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A Letter to All Customers of Xinfuxing Group

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Dear friends,

During the past few weeks,the Chinese government has been adopting strict measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 epidemic in China.The epidemic is under control as a result of the government’s on-going efforts.

As of now,all domestic industrial parks of Xinfuxing Group have already resumed production after the approval of local governments.Normal production is now proceeding in relatively isolated production areas as planned.Limited impact of land transportation is not affecting the delivery of our goods,and the export to other countries and regions by sea shipment,and we also take disinfection measures in every corner of our production and warehousing areas.




We are working closely with local governments to implement strict hygiene and epidemic prevention measures in all of our industrial parks and employee accommodation areas to ensure the health and safety of our workers.So far,no case of COVID-19 has been diagnosed among all 16000 employees of Xinfuxing Group including our overseas branches and offices.We will continue to cooperate with local governments to fully protect our employees and maintain normal production.

Winter is over and spring has come.We believe that we will overcome the temporary difficulties.We feel sincerely grateful for your support and concern of Xinfuxing Group and we will keep our commitment to customers as always.

Should you have any other concerns of queries,please feel free to contact our sales representative to stay updated.




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