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The Project of Advanced Control of Soda Ash Device in Shandong Haitian Stated Smoothly

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On June 9, Supcon Software Company and Shandong Haitian Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to: Shandong Haitian) jointly held the start meeting about the project of advanced control of one million tons / year soda ash plant. Shandong Haitian is the fifth major soda company that carries out the advanced control system following after Shandong Haihua, Tangshan Sanyou, Lianyungang Soda Company, South alkali industry.

Soda ash device has long production flow and complex logistics relationship. The media is corrosive including multiphase materials. Especially the carbonation process is a typical strong coupling, time-varying continuous - intermittent mixing process. Its operation is very difficult and needs high strength. After many years of accumulation, Supcon Software Company has formed a mature solution to advanced control of soda ash devices. After several sets of large-scale soda ash device applications it shows that the advanced control system can greatly improve the stability of production facilities, the conversion rate and product quality, increase device capacity, significantly reduce labor intensity and bring significant economic benefits, which has been widely recognized in the whole soda ash industry.

In the current economic situation, the smooth start of the project has played a good model for the soda ash companies realizing energy conservation and cost reduction through the advanced control technology, as well as built up its confidence to enhance its competitiveness in the soda ash industry.

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