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The Cold-repair Renovation of Lanzhou Blue-sky Float Glass Co., Ltd. Has Been Put into Production

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After builders’ more than 100 days’ hard work, the integrated energy-saving project (change 400t / d to 500t / d float glass)- the first line of cold-made modification, which was invested more than 6000 million Yuan by Maryland Blue Float Glass Company, has been completed and put into production smoothly recently.

The production line is the most quatity of daily melting float glass production line in the northwest recently. Mr Niu, the assist of the mayor in Lanzhou City and the city director of SASAC, said that the project has been completed and put into production, which played a good model for industrial enterprises in Lanzhou City mastering projects, developing and keeping growth.

According to the introduction told by Liuwei who is the Chairman and General Manager of Lanzhou Blue-sky Float Glass Co., Ltd. and the commander-in-chief of the project-cold-made modification, the company’s first line float furnace was fired in the end of July 2001 and watered on February 10 this year, which has been extended active duty for more than two years. Although the original production line has made outstanding contributions to the survival and development of the enterprise, better playing the role of the lifeline of the enterprise, over time, it also revealed many problems such as low output, high energy consumption, poor quality annealing. So it needs urgent upgrading. This cold-made modification just met the time of global financial crisis when the glass industry entered the "winter" season. Therefore this modification is also an important measure to deal with the challenges and difficulties.

The first line cold-made modification that was totally invested more than 6000 million Yuan learned from the experience of advanced glass enterprises, took the opportunity of cold-made modification in order to technologically transform the original production line in large-scale. Lanzhou Blue-sky Float Glass Co., Ltd. respectively improved the capacity of melting furnace, transform the technology of tin bath brick and longer annealing kiln, innovated the technology of widening material pool and narrowing the card neck. The main technical-economic indicators have reached advanced level in similar float lines in China. Three thermal equipments of float production line adopted distributed computer control systems, designed and used computer workstations. As a result, the mechanization, automation and modern management of production line have further improved. With the completion of the first cold-made modification, every year’s designed capacity will be extended from 2.15 million weight boxes up to 3 million. At the same time product mirror-car grade will be greatly improved and the quality will also reach a new height.

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