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Jin Jing Technology: The Leading Enterprise in Glass Industry

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Jin Jing Technology is mainly occupied with ordinary float glass (including standard 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm) and high-quality float glass’s production and sales. High-quality float glass represents 58.62% of the whole revenue, ultra-white glass 19.26% and High-grade float glass 19.13%. The company is the leading enterprise in Chinese glass industry. it has four high-quality float glass product lines and has the capacity of producing 20 billion weight box per year. Jin Jing is the only company in China that can produce ultra-white glass in large-scale.

The company’s all businesses are being developed into a positive direction.

Ultra-white glass business: the company will exceed expectations in the long haul. In the short term, the sale of ultra-white glass in May has raised.

Soda business: soda business is gradually recovering and has already achieved break-even.

Float glass business: the price rebound of float glass is in our expectation. But the range of the price rebound is beyond our expectation. With reference to the current general profitability of float glass, it will achieve the whole year’s expectation in the second quarter in 2009.

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