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NorthGlass’ super glass in the Huawei Smart Life Pavilion

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In June, the Huawei Smart Life Pavilion was officially unveiled in One Avenue,Futian District, Shenzhen, China. The life pavilion with many elements, such as modern and fashionable architecture, black technology products and future quality life experience, perfectly interprets the integration of people, technology and multi-dimensional lifestyle.

Tianjin NorthGlass provided the super glass needed for the pavilion.

Huawei Smart Life Pavilion

Huawei Smart Life Pavilion is a 4-storey structure, with a total construction area of 1,300 square meters. It has an open internal space, including exhibition area, coffee bar, art exhibition area and AR experience zone. The first floor is the product life pavilion, showing Huawei’s different series of products. The second floor is a service area, next to the Huawei school. The third and fourth floors are hidden machine rooms.
The design concept of Huawei Smart Life Pavilion comes from the shock encounter between nature and future technology. The concept of “jade box opened, with unlimited possibilities” perfectly integrates with the concept of “elegant ribbon” of One Avenue in Shenzhen. The façade of the building is composed of 179 pieces of streamlined glass with different sizes, of which the biggest highlight comes from the shape of the top of the facade. The 92 pieces of customized streamlined glass have different sizes, with a maximum of 16 meters. The top modelling glass spans three sides, and the curtain wall glass is covered on an integrated LED oversized screen.

This is the third store that Tianjin NorthGlass serves Huawei. From Huawei Cloud Park Store to Huawei’s Global Flagship Store in MixC Shopping Mall and Huawei Smart Life Pavilion, everything is completed under the “spirit of craftsman” of strict, precise and extreme pursuit.

Huawei Cloud Park Store
Huawei’s Global Flagship Store in MixC Shopping Mall
Test of the wind pressure deformation performance, air permeability performance, rain permeability performance and in-plane deformation performance of the curtain wall system

In order to satisfy the effect that the designer desired to present, NorthGlass selected materials carefully. After repeated proofing, and with the help of CABR Tech glass structure research centre and RFR Shanghai, the glass has achieved the appearance of the texture of warm and smooth jade.

The biggest difficulty of the project was how to deal with the exposed parts of the point-supporting glass curtain wall under the premise of ensuring the structural safety after the installation of super large glass overhang. As we all know, Shenzhen is plagued by typhoons every year. According to the conventional plan, the panel must use glass rib or point-supporting glass curtain wall to ensure structural safety, but in this way, the appearance integrity of external curtain wall cannot be achieved.

Tianjin NorthGlass used a transparent structural adhesive. After a lot of tests on processing technology, mechanical properties and ageing properties, this technology was applied to the cantilever glass and the stainless steel parts are well hidden in the inner side of the glass curtain wall, so that the appearance of the glass curtain wall is not affected by the spiders. “Non-drilling fixed, invisible point-supporting glass curtain wall” finally presents a complete and integrated glass curtain wall effect.

Torsion test of structural parts
Tensile test of structural parts

After the installation, the glass is as warm and smooth as jade in the daytime, but at night, when the same picture of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China is constantly switched between the ocean, beach and the starry sky, it is just like a dream, which makes people imagine deeply.

In the face of rapid scientific and technological progress and the continuous emergence of personalized high-end demand, NorthGlass actively embraces the changes in the market and seeks for new ecological channels while improving its technological process and innovation. The opening of Huawei Smart Life Pavilion makes us rethink the combination of traditional technique and technology. In the future, NorthGlass will continue to explore new technologies and innovative ways in the new era, explore new highlights, and enable technology to empower architecture.

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