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Glass Substrate is In Short Supply, Which Will Continue Until The End of The Year

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Glass substrate is in short supply, which will let the peak-season in the third season differ to the fourth season. Besides, because of the higher price, the glass substrate factories have a positive expectation on the development of the market.

Because the supply of glass falls short of demand, glass factories have influence on the shipment development of glass substrate factories in South Korea and Taiwan in the third season. Due to lack of glass substrate supply, the supply of substrate in the third season can’t meet the need of customers completely. But the need in the third season will differ to the fourth season.

In the end of last year, glass substrate factories stopped the kiln to deal with industrial depression. Though it has turned better now, it still needs at least three months to recover. And after Re-production, the quality of glass substrate remains to be observed. Before the end of September, it is difficult to improve the situation of out of the stock. It is uncertain that if will be better after October.

However, usually after the middle of the fourth season, the need of glass substrate will reduce gradually. But this year, it can be excepting to continue until middle of November, which is good for development of substrate industry and the continuing rise price of substrate.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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