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Shanghai Lin BO Glass Co., Ltd. Deals Professionally In Laminated Glass; Quality Creates Value

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Laminated glass is made of two pieces or more float glasses. There is PVB between the glasses. First rule out the air through the extrusion. Then put it into high-pressure steam autoclave and let the rest air melt into the film by using the high temperature and high pressure. To facilitate the requirements of customers and designers, our company can provide many kinds of PVB films for customers choosing (Transparent, white, Dot-Printing and specified color customer prefer to).

Product characteristics: safety, energy saving, increase sense of beauty.

Shanghai Lin BO Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises engaging in producing, processing and selling decoration glass in East China. It owns R&D capability. The businesses of decoration glass, tempered glass, black mirror glass, overall bathroom design and glass curtain wall have been in front of the market with its good quality and new technology. We get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, leading domestic decorative glass industry development. The combination of product technology and content of technology function and beauty; harmony of fashion and use and integration of product innovation and market are “Lin Bo” Glass’s concepts. We create not only glass but also a kind of living way. Our products are diverse and terrific, which are widely used in all areas of life and architecture. Since being established, our company has provided good service and professional technical support for customers.

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