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Install “Glass” Roof to Generate Electricity; Hangzhou Aims at the Development of Solar Energy

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If you have been in America or Germany, you will find there are some black and shinning glass plates on the top of their houses. In fact, these glass plates are crystalline silicon solar cells that generate electricity by collecting the sunlight’s heat This solar cell is really one kind of clean green energy. This way of generating electricity has a special name called PV power. Hangzhou is going to be Paradise Valley and an urban low-carbon economy City and will use PV power. In future, Hangzhou will appear PV roof, PV power station, and PV street light. Maybe one day the electricity you use is generated by you own roof.

In Hangzhou, 31 companies have devoted into PV industry. What’s more, the only national key laboratory in this area is located in Zhejiang University. So the development of PV power industry has unique advantages.

Yesterday, the "development of solar energy photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou five-year action plan" made a clear announcement that Solar PV power industry would quadruplea t the basis of 2008, the capacity of production of solar cells would reach 600MW, the cost of generating electricity by using PV power would reduce in to under 1.2yuan/KWH in 2011. Speed up the implementation of the "sunshine roof" program. Focus on the projects of integration of PV architecture, PV roof, PV power station and PV Street light. Reach the aim that 200 thousand ㎡ of public buildings, factories and residences will use PV power. Establish two Solar PV power stations, accumulating to achieve the scale of the comprehensive application of solar PV at 20 MW.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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