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Domestic float glass market performance

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Reported on December 02: Yesterday, the domestic float glass market performed fairly well, and the corporate sentiment was strong. The center of gravity in the East China market has risen, while Shandong has not changed much, and will remain stable for the time being. The prices of most companies in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have risen, with an adjustment ranging from 1-4 yuan/heavy container. Some board types are still in demand, and the overall atmosphere is good; trading atmosphere in the South China market Active, some companies raised their prices by 1 yuan/heavy container, and both production and sales accounted for more than the total. Inventory was running low, and terminal replenishment was active under the support of demand; the center of gravity of prices within and outside the province of Hubei in Central China moved upwards. Although market sentiment was cautious, companies shipped The intensity is still high, and the overall trading remains good. Longzhong expects that the domestic float glass spot market will show a higher probability in the near future.

Source: Shandong TOP Leader glass ---KamaAuthor: www.glassinchina.com/sdzlglass

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