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Lan Qi Industry: Web promotion, preferred China Glass Network

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With the continuous development of network economy, businesses choose web promotion to improve corporate brands, openup new sales channels. As a professional information technology platform, China Glass Network has steadily earned a loyal following among most of glass manufacturers and traders for a long time.

Complied with the trend of economy development, recently, Shanghai Lan Qi Industry cooperated with China Glass Network -the first media in glass industry, and launched a comprehensive promotion, including glass member, web site building and "All Chinese Enterprises Glass".

Shanghai Lan Qi Industry Co.Ltd. is engaged mainly in selling and producing crystal products, special glass, engineering glass and acts as an agent of Chinese-made imports ultra-white glass, and an agent with German Short& French Saint-Gobain together of special non-reflective glass, bullet-proof glass, fire-proof glass, radiation-proof glass, photovoltaic glass, stained glass. The company has a series of technology products of flat steel, bent steel, flat laminated bending, bending, color paint, silk screening and frost-free fingerprint. Through full-service including development, design, production and installation, products achieve the desired effects.

Main products: Crystal glass, special glass, engineering glass and so on.


Special glass                        Crystal glass                                            Engineering glass

Company Name: Shanghai Lan Qi Industry Co.Ltd.
Address: No. 358 Jinbi Road, Pudong Jinhui Industrial Zone, Shanghai PC201112
Contact personer: Mr. Zhou
Contact number: 0086-21-34502975
E-mail: Company Website:  

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