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Aging Glass Curtain Wall Need “Physical Exanimation” In Time

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Walking in the city, we can see many building with shinning glass. However, with the use time increasing, the glass curtain wall will be aging, if not t updated in time, it will bury many security risks.

Recently, Some relative departments have replied on the representative Bei Zhen’s views on “the proposal of compulsory checking the glass curtain wall”. The departments said they would further improve approval and regulatory mechanisms and set up a special insurance and service fund for glass curtain wall safety.

About 90% glass curtain wall has been used for more than 10 years.

Glass curtain wall is light, artistic, earthquake-resistant and high permeability. Because of its unique advantages, it is widely used by building developers. However, due to glass curtain wall become aging, more and more dangers appear.

As to February this year, Shanghai has a total of 2546 glass curtain wall construction. According to the result of general investigation in 2004, 1148 glass curtain wall construction existed safe problems more or less. Among them, 95% was established before 1995. After that general investigation, relevant departments asked those buildings to correct. But the dangerous glass curtain wall still exists.

It is reported that Shanghai has drawn up a "management approach to the curtain walls of Shanghai" that has accessed to trial proceedings and will be carried out in next year. Meanwhile, shanghai also sets up regulatory bodies to supervise the use of wall glass curtain wall and forbids using Sulfate-type cleaning munificent to wash the glass curtain wall. It has decided to set up a special insurance and service fund for glass curtain wall safety. This program will be carried out next year.

Urban Planning and Land Resources Bureau said that it would strictly control construction projects in the planning approval, design review in the future.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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