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FEVE campaign targets glass consumers

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In conjunction with its Friends of Glass campaign, FEVE, the European Container Glass Association, has created a character to promote the cause of glass as a fully recyclable packaging material.

A singing bottle named Hank has been devised to represent FEVE’s word of mouth marketing and social networking campaign across Europe.

Research carried out by the association reveals that in 2007, almost 11 million tonnes, or 62%, of container glass was collected for recycling, thus exceeding the EU target of 60%. The data also showed that out of the 27 member states, 10 EU countries individually exceeded this target, with Sweden and Belgium achieving the highest rates at 94% and 92% respectively.

“The 62% glass recycling rate is a great result, which includes data from the new member states where recycling is still in its infancy,” said Dominique Tombeur, President of FEVE.

“Now we want to focus on the huge unexploited potential of the remaining 38% of glass packaging which was put on the market but which is not yet being recycled,” he added.

As a 100% recyclable product, glass is also beneficial to the environment, according to Secretary General of FEVE, Adeline Farrelly. “Glass recycling dramatically helps reduce CO2 emissions,” she said, adding that it also preserves natural resources and saves energy.

More information about FEVE’s Friends of Glass campaign can be found at www.friendsofglass.com

Source: Glass International Author: shangyi

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