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New type foam glass for heat preservation; wall material’s new choice

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Have you seen foam glass like a cake, but lighter than the cake in your hand? This kind of foam glass can be used in the building for heat preservation.

Using heat preservation wall materials makes our life better, according to expert’s introduction. These materials have widely applied in life at home even abroad.

Foam glass is fit for using as wall material for heat preservation, because of its features-Impervious, non-absorbent, non-burning and anti-aging. Because of its light quality and easy to cut, the example foam glass showed in the laboratory. Some were square; some were arch; some like soap and some like a pillow. What’s more, the new type foam glass can absorb noise. It is known that Guangxi has produced this type glass early and owns national advanced foam glass production equipment. Its production has sold abroad.

The key Laboratory of Energy Saving Technology studies the new type foam glass for heat preservation, whose main work is detection. Engineer Mr. Huang introduced: "putting the wall materials for heat preservation into this machine for 25 days is like exercising through 25years under the normal condition. "

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