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Piramal Glass successfully implements blockchain into its operations

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Piramal Glass, Asia’s largest speciality glass manufacturer, has successfully kicked off its first cross-border trade digitisation programme using blockchain.

The company is prioritising the technology in 2021 as a means of unlocking hidden margins and efficiency through digital automation. The team partnered with the enterprise blockchain platform, #dltledgers.

Headquartered in Singapore but also operating in India, #dltledgers has a global partnership agreement with Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure. This enables the platform to scale quickly via a subscription-based “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) model. Designed to be “plug-and-play,” the platform integrates easily with existing processes.

The first phase of this project had four main objectives: to validate the production use of blockchain in Piramal Glass’ supply chain and export operations; to increase transparency while protecting sensitive data and customer integrity; to understand if the technology could enable multiple stakeholders to collaborate on initiatives, such as sustainability; and to establish if blockchain delivers business value in terms of efficiency improvement and ease of use.

The project will now progress into its next phase. Focusing on driving visibility and efficiency, the objective will be to streamline supply chain processes throughout the company’s global manufacturing operations and to build out the company’s private, digital network of suppliers and buyers.

The #dltledgers platform will have seamless connectivity with Piramal’s existing SAP systems and will enable export and import digitisation with multiple global suppliers and buyers simultaneously. As the project proceeds, it will expand into more supply chain product flows, new areas like sustainability tracking, and tackle processes that depend on time-sensitive document transfer, IP security and authenticity.

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