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Taiwanese designers create 'bricks' from recycled bottles

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TAIPEI: Environmental groups have long campaigned against the indiscriminate use of plastics, warning that they hardly decompose and are among the worst polluters around the world.

However, a Taiwanese designer, triggered by his thirst for bottled tea, has exploited these negativities to make plastic environmentally friendly.

POLLI-Bricks, made from recycled PET bottles, are transparent blocks designed to interlock to form a structure that is several metres tall.

Liu Zi-Wei, co-designer of POLLI-Brick, said: "We keep thinking of how we can reuse these bottles. We want to present them in a form that everybody can see, and see it immediately.

"Each POLLI-Brick can, structurally, interlock with others. So it can be used to build houses."

Other than its strength, Liu said POLLI-Bricks have good insulating and sound-proofing qualities. They can also be fitted with LED lamps for mood lighting or be used to grow plants.

It is estimated that as many as 4.5 billion PET bottles can be recycled in Taiwan each year. Among them, one million bottles will be transformed into an eco-friendly building, which is the world's first and only portable recycled polymer green architecture.

Arthur C. Huang, managing director, miniWIZ Sustainable Energy Development Ltd, said: "When you can make recycled things perform better than traditional glass – requiring less energy – then people will start thinking that one can be green, interesting and cool at the same time."

This cool and green idea has already won fame since its appearance at an energy show in Las Vegas.

To boost awareness, the POLLI-Brick curtain wall system will be showcased at the Fashion Pavilion in the Taipei International Exposition next year.

Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.comAuthor: shangyi

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