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It’s happening at last!

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The starter’s gun was fired in Haldesleben on 8th June 2009: The finishing of "EUROWHITE Solar" white glass has started at EUROGLAS. EUROGLAS has therefore added a top quality semifinished product to its product range, and is participating in the future-oriented solar market.

Transparent solar glass factory in Haldensleben

The construction of the 200 metre long and 70 metre wide production facility started at the end of September 2008. It took just nine months to build an unusual transparent factory with an extraordinary glass façade in Haldensleben using “SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 41/21" sun-protection and heatinsulating glass. Up to 400 tons of glass per day for solar industry applications will be finished here over an area of 15,000 square metres using state-of-the-art technology.

White glass with sunny extras

“EUROWHITE Solar”, the new white glass, will be finished using a unique manufacturing process. The result is outstanding glass planity. EUROGLAS has succeeded in meeting extremely high customer demands with regard to distortion with this finished glass (EUROGLAS PV Flat). The advantages as far as customers are concerned are obvious: Firstly, customers only need an extremely thin intermediate material during further processing (lamination) because very little distortion occurs when EUROGLAS PV Flat is used.

Secondly, the use of this finer film saves money. When you look at the extremely high number of square metres of thin-film solar cells for which EUROGLAS PV Flat is used, the cost reduction for EUROGLAS Solar customers is an important argument.

EUROGLAS puts the requirements of its business partners in the foreground at all times; this is also evident from the fact that “EUROWHITE Solar” is individually cut to size and undergoes expensive edge processing in accordance with customer requirements in the new finishing factory. All in guaranteed quantities and just-in-time using short routes: The companies in the PV industry are close by in the “Solar Valley of Central Germany”, consisting of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt and in the neighbouring Federal States.

From the end of the year, EUROGLAS is taking a forwardlooking course as far as coating is concerned. EUROGLAS prefers a new type of process for the transparent front electrode for thin-film photovoltaics. The aim is to use the internallydeveloped layer design to increase the efficiency of thin-film modules and therefore increase the profitability of solar systems. EUROGLAS – Partnership in Glass EUROGLAS, one of Europe’s biggest glass manufacturing companies, was founded in 1993 and is a consortium of five independent medium-sized glass processing companies. About 650 employees in the three EUROGLAS factories in Haldensleben (D), Osterweddingen (D) and Hombourg (F) produce float glass, extra-white glass for solar applications, laminated safety glass, fire protection glass and coated glass for applications in the heat insulating and sun-protection glass area.

Weitere Informationen: Christian Winter Geschäftsführung EUROGLAS GmbH Dammühlenweg 60 D-39340 Haldensleben Tel: +49 3904 638 1210

Pressekontakt: Profil Marketing OHG Maren Thielecke Humboldtstraße 21 D-38106 Braunschweig Tel: +49 531 387 33 17

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