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National glass shortage means delays, increase costs for auto glass repairs

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If you've had your car broken into recently or a business window vandalized, chances are you know how difficult it is to get that glass repaired.

Industry experts said there is a national glass shortage and car windshields are in big demand.

The owner of one Seattle windshield repair company said he has driven eight hours to find replacements. Other people have waited up to eight weeks because of the shortage.

Mike Carey showed KOMO News one of several broken windshields in the back of his work truck.

Carey is with Windshields Etc. and he said there is a definite shortage of auto glass nationwide.

When vehicles need to have glass replaced, it’s a lot of work.

“We did one a week ago," Carey said. "A customer got his back window smashed out. It was a newer car, a popular car, and we had to go all the way to Boise. We have a window shortage. We’ve actually been to Boise three times in the last month to pick up supplies there. There are windshields in popular trucks, cars that aren’t even available in town.”

“Just like all other parts in our industry right now, glass is nowhere to be found," said Nate Simmons at Marqueen Garage in Queen Anne. "And I don’t know why.”

Simmons said one employee had to wait it out.

“We had a broken windshield on his vehicle," Simmons said. "A 2003 Toyota forerunner and it took him eight weeks to get that glass."

KOMO News checked in with Glassma. The owner does all sorts of glass repairs on businesses and homes.

“The actual shortage started about four months ago, when we heard there was a glass shortage,” said owner Reza Aliabdol.

Aliabdol said during the pandemic, glass businesses closed and manufacturing stopped. And there’s been supply shortage and growing demand ever since.

‘’For customers, it has been frustrating,” Aliabdol said. “They can’t get glass. Simple. They see more waiting; they will see higher prices.”

Between the increase in supply and labor costs, Aliabdol and others said count on paying up to 30 percent more for glass repairs.

Aliabdol said besides glass windshields, there’s a shortage of windows, shower doors, mirrors, and glass jars.

Source: https://komonews.com/Author: shangyi

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