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Bao Ying Crystal Trade Associations Gave ideas For Crystal Development

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On July 3, more than 20 persons including Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary-General, vice president and directors, held the “Crystal Development” Forum in Feng Town, Xi’an, discussing the whole town’s crystal development together. Facing the situation of financial crisis and the raising export tax, participants said they should play a good role in helping the town’s crystal industry contact with home and abroad, leading Baoying crystal industry out of the track and walk into a virtuous circle.
At the forum, the Chamber of Commerce, Liang Jiaxin said, firstly, study the Chamber, statutes and rules, improving the members’ quality; secondly, strengthen management, improving the members’ sense of responsibility; thirdly, actively carry out cooperation and exchange with foreign countries; fourthly, carry out the division of responsibility, contacting companies dividedly and solving their facing problems; fifthly, set up website, sharing the resource; sixthly, help companies to establish corporate culture; last, establish record-keeping system, sending written materials to higher authorities.

Meanwhile, the forum asked enterprises to make good use of the platform, dig out their potential abilities and strengthen technological innovation.

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