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Glass wine bottle shortage plagues industry

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Last weekend brought Bay Area news features on a shortage of glass wine bottles.

A spokesman for the nearest winemaking supply company, Napa Fermentation Supplies, said that they normally only sell to small and home winemakers but that now he has a long list of commercial wineries begging for new glass wine bottles.

So I asked Ned Hill, whose La Prenda manages many people’s vineyards and makes many people’s wines, including their own, if he is seeing a glass bottle shortage.

Hill responded, “Yes, it’s very difficult at this time. Gallo has stopped selling their domestically produced glass and the imported glass isn’t showing up.”

Gallo Glass was founded by Ernest and Julio Gallo in Modesto in 1958, in a super smart move. It is now the largest glass plant in North America, according to Gallo. Their website says Gallo is “dedicated to delivery service and quality to the wine and spirits industry.”

Apparently not always.

Maybe someone should figure out a simple and sanitary system for reusing glass wine bottles. It’s still done with some milk bottles.

Source: https://www.sonomanews.com/Author: shangyi

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