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Saflex Issues 2010 Vanceva Color Forecast For Architectural Laminated Glass

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Collection Features 10 Refreshing Colors Suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications
ST. LOUIS, July 7, 2009 – Saflex, a unit of Solutia Inc. (NYSE: SOA) today announced their 2010 Vanceva Color Forecast for Architectural Laminated Glass. The 10 unique colors can be achieved by utilizing two or more layers from the company’s Vanceva Color by Saflex line of poly vinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers for laminated glass.
No longer reserved for paint and wall coverings, Architects and Designers continue to push the envelope, developing innovative color design methods for every glazing application. When exploring light, form, and space in the design process, glass can be the answer for all three considerations with the addition of Vanceva colors by Saflex. Now hospitals, living rooms, and urban facades can showcase color in the glazing design.
"Without light -- color would not exist. Therefore it is perfect that modern design trends continue to bring color into glass," said Aimee Davis, global marketing communications manager of Saflex. "In response, Saflex is proud to introduce 10 new brighter versions of classic standards to the Vanceva Color Studio. Often a path for natural day-lighting, today’s windows offer Architects and Designers a dynamic palette on which to display color. Color and light are used not only to define space, but to stimulate and even inspire those who inhabit it."
Producing a broad spectrum of colors and moods that are unachievable using stock selections of glass, Vanceva color by Saflex gives architects and designers more creative freedom with glass than ever before. Vanceva color interlayers can be combined to produce more than two thousand transparent, translucent or opaque color options to help create the desired tone and intensity. When Vanceva color interlayers are combined with tinted or reflective glass, the design possibilities are nearly limitless.
“No other interlayer brand delivers the complete spectrum of colors for laminated glass like Vanceva colors by Saflex,” said Julie Schimmelpenningh, global architectural applications manager, for Saflex. “Used in curtain walls, atriums, skylights, partitions and conference rooms, Vanceva color interlayers allow the most expressive designs with distinctive hues from the subtle to the dramatic.”
2010 Vanceva Color Forecast for Architectural Laminated Glass
Olive Oil (Vanceva Code: 3443) Breaking stereotypes, this new yellow green is perfect for Hospitality and Office environments. Moving to a more multicultural yet flexible hue, this fresh but safe alternative works beautifully with browns.
Sunflower (Vanceva Code: 148A) A sun infused yellow with a bit of translucency, this new color will be a solid complement to red, purple and a variety of neutrals. This color also holds up under artificial lighting. Sunflower is perfect for conservative applications that need a punch of color.
Baked Clay (Vanceva code: 7587) A more grounded, deep red-orange that is less edgy and playful than Tangerine (launched in 2006). Inspired by Latin America, the color brings a spicy feel to dramatic spaces without going over the top.
Chic Raspberry (Vanceva code: 002C) Is a clear move to a vibrant blue based red. Greatly influenced by consumer trends in fashion and cosmetics it now transcends to interiors bringing a chic energy and vitality to interior spaces.
Caribbean Blue (Vanceva code: 6666) An intense clean blue takes facades and interior spaces into “hi-def”. Eternally optimistic, you have to see the glass sample to truly experience it.
Celestial Spa (Vanceva code: 2232) With a note of sophistication and luxury, this classic color inspires again with a focus on wellness and eternal optimism. Great aqua hues in both reflected and transmitted light.
Pacific Treasure (Vanceva code: 6786) Tired of teal? A refreshing color bridging green and blue, this color revitalizes Hospitality, Healthcare and Office environments and works well with more neutral palettes found in flooring, furniture and wall coverings.
Sprout Green (Vanceva code 3283) With environmental concerns on the minds of consumers, the “green” revolution has transitioned to exteriors as well. With a Botanical base, this new green is not only youthful but works across global cultures.
Caramel (Vanceva code: 3457) Bored with licorice and chocolate? Caramel is a cooler brown that is less flat than bronze and more interesting than copper. Works well with blues and greens and is the newest neutral to the Vanceva color studio.
Smokescreen (Vanceva code: 3333) An intensified version of Smoke Gray, this new neutral works well for restaurants and entertainment spaces, bringing dramatic elegance.

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