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Fuyao Glass: The Beneficiary of the Redistribution of Global Resources

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Fuyao Group had outstanding competitive advantage in the financial crisis. Under the background of global financial crisis, global vehicle production sharply dropped, automotive Glass order model changed from “large number, small species” to “small number, large species”. Because international competitors’ automation equipments had higher quality, it was hard for them to adapt to changes in production patterns. Fuyao Group was born from market maintenance. Its production pattern had been “small number, large species” for a long time, relying on China's labor cost advantage. So Fuyao Group’s competitive advantage stood out. We thought that our company would catch the chance to grab more market share in the world and stand among the first three strongest global automotive glass companies.

Fuyao Group still has over 3 times growing space than before. Fuyao Glass has taken up more than 50% of national automotive glass (OEM). Though the market was worried about its growth, we forecasted that the futurer growing space would be at least 3 times than before in and abroad. And if considering AGR, our growing space would be larger.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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