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ISO Publishes Wind Load Standard For Structures - ISO 4354

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The International Organization of Standardization released ISO 4354 - Wind actions on structures, intended to ensure the reliability of structures in areas exposed to strong winds.
ISO 4354 describes the actions of wind on structures and specifies methods for calculating characteristic values of wind loads. ISO 4354 is for structural engineers involved in the design of buildings, towers, chimneys, bridges and other structures, including components and appendages.
The standard covers design methodologies for three main storm types:
Synoptic winds (large scale winds).
Tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons).
It provides basic analytical methods for determining wind loading of simple structures and guidance for the design of complex structures.
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ISO 4354 was meant to complement other ISO standards addressing structure design considerations, including ISO 2394 - General principles on reliability for structures.
ISO 4354 is a full technical revision of the first edition, and may help bridge gaps in various international wind-loading codes, according to ISO.
The standard was prepared by ISO/TC 98, Bases for design of structures, subcommittee SC 3, Loads, forces and other actions. 

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