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Polytron Technologies, Inc Announced Final Product Of Polymagic

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Polytron Technologies, Inc announced to launch Polymagic TM LED glass final. First batch of design for Sign applications are in OPEN and CLOSE text (See below sample photo).

Polytron Technologies, Inc will continuingly design other new Polymagic TM LED glass sign products like Lady and Men sign in washing room, hotel reception sign…etc.

Designers with Polytron Technologies, Inc. combined their talent ideas in designing these signs via designing five color LEDs subtly and come out their ideas into their good sketches and then finally become the beautiful end products.

Polymagic TM LED glass signs can be widely applied in public places worldwide. It is much more attracting than normal plastic sign products available in the market currently and will obviously get far much better effect in guiding purposes due to its attracting design and bright LED light, besides, LED glass signs will be luminous in daytime or at night and it has very low consumption, so, it is also an environmental friendly products.

Polymagic TM LED glass can match all kinds of assembly materials and frame works(like aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood…), end users can find a suitable frame or fixed material freely enable to match this fantastic design products well.
OEM or ODM services on Polymagic TM LED glass are available and welcomed now!

Source: Polytron Author: shangyi

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