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PHOTON’s 5th Photovoltaic Technology Show 2009 Asia

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Due to low conference and exhibition registrations, we have decided to cancel the event. Three weeks before the conference was set to take place, registration numbers did not meet expectations by far. After last year’s success, this was not to be expected. For a series of external reasons, we cannot expect the usual rush of registrations shortly before the event, so visitor numbers were likely to remain low. One reason is that in light of the financial crisis, financial institutions have considerably reduced travelling budgets.

Also, some solar companies are experiencing low earnings because of the reduction in selling prices and so have been forced to cut costs. Regardless of these issues, this year’s visa formalities have become more difficult than a year ago, which complicates travelling for those who register at short notice. Moreover, intensified security issues in China have rendered the situation more difficult.

PHOTON aims to offer all of our conference and exhibition participants an ideal environment for exchanging information and creating business opportunities. Due to the circumstances mentioned above, we are no longer in the position to guarantee this for the events in China and so are, with deep regret, forced to cancel the event. Nonetheless, Asia remains an important area for the development of PV, be it as a production site or ever more increasingly as a market, and we therefore plan to host an event in Asia in 2010.

Source: Photon Europe GmbH Author: shangyi

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