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Informatization Construction Speeds up the Development of Glass Industry in Tengzhou, Shandong

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For enlarging Tengzhou glass industry, Shandong Tengzhou strengthened the informatization construction in glass industry to speed up the rate to reflect market demand, rationalize the distribution of resources and comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management.
Speed up the rate to reflect market demand through informatization construction. Facing with the influence brought by the financial crisis, the enterprises used information networks and computer technology to enhance their integrated operational capability and continuously achieve the transformation of enterprises in technological innovation and market adjustment of the layout optimization. The production realized the process through computer-aid design, continually improved the competitiveness of products in the market through product upgrading. Over 20 companies joined Alibaba, GlassInChina and other large-scale e-commerce sites. The enterprises grasped firmly the chance in building energy-saving, building energy-saving and furniture market.

Rationalize the distribution of resources through informatization construction. Scientific development and rational allocation and effective utilization of information resources are the strategic measures for enterprises to improve their own quality and market competitiveness. Recently, the enterprises in our city have basically achieved the network management and resource sharing. In the areas of raw material supply, production, marketing, product development and fund raising, the enterprises made cooperation, enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness.

Comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management through informatization construction. In light of its business needs, enterprises adhere to the distribution of the overall planning and implementation of information technology transformation projects. Through an internal office automation system, supply chain management, customer relationship management systems and other information construction projects, the enterprises continually change theirs ways of management, production and service and bring new management principles and practices into management activities, effectively enhancing the level of management and decision-making.

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